Intense M9 FRO Review

21 May

“Intense’s M9 represents 16 years of downhill racing development that began with the game-changing M1. No other brand can lay claim to as long or rich a heritage in World-Cup-level downhill racing. At one point in downhill’s heyday, if you weren’t on an Intense M1 (or an M1, rebadged and painted to look like another bike brand), then you weren’t on the podium – end of story. Downhill as a competitive sport, owes much of its early rise to the M1. Racers on the M1 were suddenly going bigger and faster than ever thought possible, and if you didn’t have an M1, you wanted one. It was a king-maker that could (and often did) propel talented no-names to victory against the sport’s heaviest hitters. Intense developed the new M9 FRO to extend the legacy of the M1 – to give the privateer technical superiority on race day against a field of heavily sponsored pro-teams”

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